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The Masks We Wear

All of us have worn masks at one time or another and they come in all colors and flavors. Sometimes we wear them to parties or on Halloween. Other times we wear emotional masks. You know the one that says, “I’m good” when you are really dying inside or the “you can’t hurt me” or the “I’m totally put together”. We wear them not because we need to, but because we think that we need to. Our fear is that people won’t love and accept us just as we are. We don’t feel good enough or worthy enough of someone’s concern and care and so, this fear of rejection keeps us locked in the endless cycle of deception and camouflage.

Masks can hide a world of pain and discontent. The thought of revealing ourselves becomes overwhelming to us and so we conceal ourselves with one thought, “they can’t know or hurt me.” Hiding our true nature becomes an art form. Not allowing others to see who you truly are means that they are blocked them from getting a glimpse of you soul. This barricades intimacy in any relationship.

Our true nature may be mightily urging us to shed these masks and open up to others in honesty. However, we ignore the voice of truth and continue to live in the fog of disconnection and untruths. If we don’t show ourselves, then we never have to reveal the pain. Yet, in not revealing who we are, we are doomed to live a life in isolation and loneliness.

Letting go of the masks takes courage. Standing in our truth and letting go of all the pretense is both scary and liberating. However, it is the only way to live.You no longer live your life with the background noise of deceit. Letting go of the masks can leave you without the safety net that you have learned to rely on. However, authenticity is very powerful. If you feel that you can’t do it alone, enlist the help of someone who really cares about you and can help you release the masks without judgement.

Shed your heavy masks. Living without them means that you can pack light for this journey of life and that you can live in the freedom that we have all been called to. Accept the challenge to live in truth and accept the challenge to live fully. Actually, living in your truth is the only way to live.

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