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About Me:

By staying resilient, you can be better equipped to gather the tools to overcome challenges. 

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Comfortably at Home

I Know Everyone Has a Story, 

In one’s lifetime, one can face many challenges.

By staying resilient, you can be better equipped to gather the tools to overcome them.


This is perhaps one of the best ways to describe where my passion for the field of psychotherapy took root. 


It is one of the reasons why I, as a seasoned therapist, unconditionally accept people where they are, without judgment or expectations. I know everyone has a story, just as I do.

My Journey

Has certainly had its share of ups and downs, including living through a challenging
childhood. As a single mom of two young daughters, I have also had to face a breast cancer diagnosis - and I survived and you will too!!

All of these experiences have taught me that life can get really messy. But the most important thing is, you can survive difficulty and become stronger because of it. This is where I try to impart an important lesson to each of my clients: To find the support to help you master the resilience you need to move forward.

I learned how to utilize the correct support for myself to move forward in life. I use what I have learned both personally and professionally to guide my clients towards their own inner wisdom and resolve.

I am a forever student, always learning and imparting what I have learned to my clients. I never want to become stagnant as a therapist and want to bring new concepts into therapy, in order to provide the best for my clients. If you are beyond, “tell me about your week” and want to go deeper, I am the therapist for you. I believe that deep exploration is what brings about lasting change.

It is fundamental to our mental health and well-being.

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