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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Yes, I do take insurance for on-site sessions. I accept Highmark and UPMC  for in-person sessions. Skype sessions, intensives, and courses are not covered by insurance.  

What can I expect when I come in or work with you?

I get to know you and what you’re going through. My number one priority is that you feel comfortable and safe. I don’t pressure you or pander to you, but genuinely guide you through the process of identifying issues, healing, and developing effective and useful coping mechanisms and tools you can practically apply in your life.

What model of psychology do you use?

I am an eclectic therapist who has been trained in many modalities. What my clients love about working with me is that they’re not just another number or case study. I get to know you and use a variety of different methods tailored to your unique situation and personality to bring you to a place of healing.

“I was feeling a bit out of my element.I just moved to Pittsburgh and I didn’t know anyone. It was hard to make friends and I felt a little resentful towards my husband for moving here.There was no hesitation in working with Laura. I knew I needed some support and I felt comfortable with her. I learned to dig deeper into why I was unhappy. I learned that I was part of the problem with my resentment towards my husband. I learned to understand where he was coming from and his feelings of the move.

If Laura thinks you’re wrong, she’ll tell you and tell you why. Some people don’t want to hear that, but I did. I needed to understand more about my husband’s feelings and learn to be a better wife to him. Laura is GREAT at what she does. She digs deep into the real core issues that you are having and brings them to the surface. You might go in thinking you have one problem but you soon realize that the root cause is something totally different. It’s life changing.”


- L.B., age 43

“When I first contacted Laura, I didn’t know what to expect and I was not convinced that someone could just talk about their problems and achieve resolution.  I had spoken with a counselor a few years ago and I was not happy with the match. I was very surprised to find that Laura has been able to get me to discuss things that were buried for a really long time.  I somewhat expected to sit in the office with a blank look on my face, not

speaking much.  Through general conversations, she pulls information out and gets you to open-up and talk.

I appreciate that Laura is very direct.  She offers real options for dealing with life situations and she has enabled me to communicate more effectively about my feelings.  I never feel like she forces the conversation, it progresses naturally and with a fluidity that makes me more comfortable.  As I have learned more about myself, my past, my feelings, the dialogue has really progressed to a point that I feel like two people chatting over coffee instead of being in counseling (in most cases).  When more difficult topics arise, she proceeds with

caution but will also call me out for trying to change the subject when applicable.”

- C.E., age 41

Ready to get unstuck, get the healing you need,

and achieve the happiness and freedom you

want for your life?

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