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Frequently Asked

Have any questions about energy healing or the benefits that I offer with my treatments?


Check out some of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients.

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Yes, I can accept insurance for therapy and EMDR sessions. I take Highmark and UPMC insurance for both virtual and in-person sessions. I can only offer this to those who reside in the State of Pennsylvania.

Is Coaching Covered by INSURANCE??

No, it is not.

What Should I Expect in THERAPY??

I get to know you and what you're going through. I don’t pressure, judge or pander to you. My approach is “compassionately direct”. I believe that you come to therapy to make a change and to heal from the past. I will guide you to healing and change, so that you can start to live a more fulfilling life.

What Model of Therapy DO YOU USE??

EMDR has a very exact protocol which I follow. I use a variety of different modalities in talk therapy that are tailored to your unique situation and personality in order for you to heal.

How are 

Therapy is based on a medical model. Coaching is based on a human potential model. Both are effective, depending upon where someone is in their life and what they are looking for. Therapy is focused on healing the past and moving to wholeness.

Coaching is focused on the present and moving you into a future of sustained growth and transformation.

Ready to Get UNSTUCK?

Get the healing you need, and achieve the happiness and freedom you want for your life?

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