Imagine healing wounds in your relationship, stopping the negativity and nagging, and connecting in a

deeper, safer, more intimate and passionate way

Do you feel like your spouse is more like a roommate, because you lack communication and sexual and emotional intimacy?

Are you too familiar with that mournful cry whose aftermath lingers for days? Do you find yourself unmotivated and unhappy in your daily life?

Make better choices for your life or your marriage by working through underlying issues and emotions that keep you from connecting and communicating deeply.

Here’s how you can work with me to get the counseling
and support your relationship needs to heal

One-on-One In Person


Choose From Traditional Psychotherapy and Counseling or Holistic Therapy and Energy Work

Perfect for individuals and couples.  I meet with you to work through the challenges and unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck in life and relationships.

In-person sessions will be billed through your health insurance.

Remote Sessions


Choose From Traditional Psychotherapy and Counseling or Holistic Therapy and Energy Work

Perfect for individuals who resonate with my message, approach, and therapy offerings, but are looking for online counseling. Whether on Skype or another video platform, we’ll meet one-on-one to heal your relationship, strengthen the bond you have, and give you the tools necessary to communicate effectively.

The investment for this service is $125 USD per hour or $330 USD for three, 1-hour sessions paid in full.

“I was feeling depressed and unable to keep up with the things I had always enjoyed doing. I was also making terrible choices in my romantic life, dating men that were unable to commit or treat me as a valued partner. And past events from family had continued to trouble me and keep me from moving on.

Laura lived up to my expectations and went beyond. It was a case of not knowing the degree to which I was stifling myself and living within self-made limitations. Once I was able to move beyond them, I have been living a life that is much fuller than I had hoped to imagine for myself. I would not have been able to do this without Laura knowing how to work effectively with me and knowing that she genuinely cared about my progress.”


D.W., age 47

Ready to heal and grow your relationship?

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