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Clifftop Yoga

Radically Heal and Release Your Authentic Power With Energy Healing that Facilitates Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wholeness

Get Online or In-Person Support, Guidance, and Practical Feedback​

Quantum physicists will tell you that everything is made up of energy. So, when we’re talking about energy, we’re not talking about some woo-woo, made up force field surrounding you. We’re talking about real energy that flows through all living things. We are constantly giving off and absorbing energy. 

Do you know how you can walk into a room after two people have had a fight and physically feel the shift in atmosphere? You know something is wrong and you can feel the tension, because you’re sensing the negative energy in the room.

Any issue that affects us on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level can cause a break or block in the flow of energy within our bodies. Through energy healing, I help you remove blockages so energy can flow freely and you can heal more quickly.


My practices are supported by cutting edge resources in neuroscience and energy medicine for inner healing, transformation, and growth.


If you’re: 

  • On a spiritual journey and need more support and guidance

  • Traumatized by past experiences or people and feel stuck or unable to move on

  • Grieving due to the loss of a loved one or relationship

  • Facing insecurity, depression, anxiety, or deep anger

  • Suffering from mental health or physical health issues that mainstream medicine is not help you cope with

  • Battling cancer, obesity, diabetes, lymes disease, or other forms of sickness or disease...

...Energy healing can help you reconnect with your body, move through negative emotions, and help you feel lighter, more balanced, stronger, and transformed .

I offer: 

  • Energy Healing—Moving in a spiritual state, I help you remove the root causes of physical, mental and spiritual imbalances to achieve greater physical, mental, spiritual,and emotional wellbeing.

  • Reiki Healing—Reiki helps cause the negative emotions and experiences within your vibrational energy field fall away and raise your vibratory level

  • EMDR Psychotherapy—Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing helps relieve distress and treat trauma and PTSD. It is not “talk therapy,” but is an innovative and increasingly popular therapy that involves a combination of treatment protocols.


We work together through one of the following sessions:

Choose From Traditional Psychotherapy and Counseling
or Holistic Therapy and Energy Work


One-on-One In Person Energy Healing Sessions


Perfect for individuals who are looking for in-person energy healing, energy healing, or reiki in Wexford, PA or the surrounding area. We meet one-on-one and work through the challenges and struggles that are holding you back.

Video Conference

Online Video Sessions

Perfect for individuals who want to experience the benefits of energy healing, but are unable to have an in-person session with me. Whether on Skype or another video platform, we’ll meet one-on-one for your energy healing session


The investment of this service is 125 USD per hour

 or 330 USD for 3 1-hr sessions paid in full

“When I came to Laura, I was confused with a lot of questions.  Just coming out of a divorce, I didn’t know what to do or who to talk with.  It was hard to talk with friends or family because none of them had ever experienced anything like this plus they really didn’t know what to say to me either. It was comforting knowing that I didn’t need to hold anything in and that someone would listen and help talk through issues. 

Laura is the person I talk with to make the appointment, the person who greets me when I come, the person I sit with and talk to, and the person I pay.  At her practice, I don’t feel like I am just a number, I feel a really good connection.  The comfort level has been like talking with a friend and Laura shows she cares.”


P.C., age 50

Are you ready to find a safe place and someone

who can help you earnestly work through issues, whether through laughter or tears? 

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