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If I could take a guess, you’re here because you know that life was meant to be more than you're currently experiencing. 

And you’re tired of hiding behind a smile and a blanket “I’m good” statement.

If you close your eyes and imagine your true, authentic self waking up, you’d probably come face to face with someone who feels and acts very different than you do now.

You know he or she is inside of you—you can feel it.

There’s a carefree, genuinely happy, likely spiritual inner person who wants to brim with vibrancy and experience the happiness and freedom this one life can offer.

Ditch the Anger, Depression, or Loneliness and Get the Healing You Need

to Connect With Who You Really Are

I’m where I am, because I believe that hope, happiness, healing, and practical tools are available to get you there and that you deserve them.

Psychotherapy and Energy Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Hi, I’m Laura — I’m a born communicator, teacher, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist.


My passion is to help you find and discover your own inner truth, so that you can shout it to the world and step boldly and fully into your life, love, or business.


I help you heal and find the wholeness you need.

I received my theology degree from Duquesne University and received my master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. I’m also a certified Reiki healer and energy worker. 


A lover of learning, I’m constantly developing myself as a professional and continuing my education, so I can provide you with the best tools and advice.

For those who desire to dig deep, I offer spiritual healing techniques and holistic energy therapy to get into my client’s psyche to accelerate healing. This gentle and pure therapeutic approach positively impacts your energetic systems and helps shift your mind, body, and spirit.


You Have Tremendous Insight, Resiliency, and Potential for Great Emotional and Mental Growth


Ultimately, I do what I do, because of you. I believe in trust, creating a safe and healing environment for you and—most importantly—I believe in you. I’ve worked with people long enough to know that you have inside of you what it takes to heal and overcome. I’m merely your guide who listens, challenges you when necessary, and gives you the practical support and help you need. 

Meet Laura


Ditch the Distress, Depression, or Loneliness and

Get the Healing You Need to Connect With

Who You Really Are

“At first it was hard when you made me take a good look at myself and my own behaviors, but surprisingly it made me feel so much better about who I am and my relationships. It's an uncomfortable process to go through, but I felt very supported. I have not felt alone since starting this process and appreciate all of the hard work Laura has done with me.”


- K.G., age 36

“I had mixed emotions about my past with my mother and father, my relationship with my husband and in-laws, how I was doing as a mother, employee, wife, etc. Before I was able to take the time to reflect on these things and my feelings around them, I was very co-dependent. Laura helped me learn to take a step back and look at things before reacting. 

Laura gave me clarity on why people surrounding me act certain ways, which allowed me to be more understanding towards their actions. I was surprised on many occasions when these things began to make sense in my life. She certainly lived up to my expectations and I’m so happy I made the choice to put her in my life when I did. Several of the relationships in my life have improved immensely and she’s partially to thank for that.” 

- D.G., age 32

Ready to discover what it’s like to work with me and get on the path towards greater happiness and healing? 

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